YICG Kids Yoga Starts This Saturday.‏
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YICG Adult Yoga And Fitness Starts This Saturday!‏
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YICG Dance, Music, Vedic Baby And Me Starts This Saturday!‏
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YICG First day Of Vedic, Hindi, Tamil And Tabla Classes At Herricks Middle ...
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YICG Schedule of Classes, Calendar & Open House
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Our Mission
The Young Indian Culture Group is dedicated to  Preserving Indian Culture and Heritage through
Teaching Traditions, Stories, Cultural Values, Performing Arts, Music & Yoga
Maintaining strong skills in Languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Sanskrit
Developing a sense of pride & identity in Youth through cultural activities
Conducting workshops and courses for the community
Training Cultural teachers to continue the traditions
Developing teaching material and curriculum for teachers
Developing Leadership programs for our Youth and Families
Serving as a Community Resource to Asian Indians and other groups
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